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Acne growth's prevention

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To effectively prevent the growth of acne, four key points should be kept in mind in daily life

1. Pay attention to reasonable diet

Eat less animal fat, high sugar, spicy, fried food, Baijiu, coffee and other stimulating beverages, eat more alkaline vegetables, fruits and light food, and drink more water at ordinary times to maintain good gastrointestinal function.

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2. Learn self-care

Wash the skin frequently. Wash the affected area with warm water, soap containing sulfur or other fat removing and anti-inflammatory substances. Do not use soap or soap with strong irritation or oily cosmetics. When acne occurs, don't pick or squeeze with your hand, because the bacteria on your hand and the stolen goods on your hair are very easy to infect your skin and aggravate acne. Squeezing and pressing can cause permanent concave scars and leave lifelong regret.

3. Keep optimistic

Because the recurrence or aggravation of acne is often related to emotional fluctuations, we should pay attention to maintaining a comfortable mood, eliminating mental tension and anxiety, and ensuring adequate rest and sleep. You can also take a walk, listen to music and swim to reduce psychological pressure and eliminate acne as soon as possible.

4. Do more vigorous exercise

In order to speed up the blood circulation, promote the timely discharge of waste from the body, keep the pores unobstructed in the process of continuous sweating, and then wash them in time.

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