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Aloin's various benefits and role

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What is aloe extract?

Aloin is a chemical with the molecular formula C21H22O9.

The efficacy and role of aloe extract powder

1. Weight loss. Because the organic acid contained in aloe vera is an intermediate product of fat and protein metabolism. It is an important link in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein. Aloe vera water is rich in dietary fiber, which stimulates gastrointestinal peristalsis after entering the human intestines, promotes detoxification and defecation, and achieves the purpose of weight loss.aloin-jiaherbio

2. Beauty and skin care. Aloin contained in Aloe vera can be used as a sunscreen for the skin. Other ingredients such as a variety of sugars, amino acids, active enzymes, aloe-emodin, etc., have a good moisturizing effect on human skin. It can accelerate skin metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, make it appear soft, smooth and plump, and can also eliminate acne, freckles and chapped skin. And the fresh aloe juice contains a variety of vitamins, amino acids and small molecular nutrients, which can be directly absorbed by skin cells to nourish the skin. The skin care effect of fresh aloe vera leaf juice is very obvious, as long as you insist on using it for a few days, you can see the effect.

3. Protecting the intestines. "Compendium of Materia Medica" records a variety of therapeutic effects of aloe, including sterilization and anti-inflammatory, prevention of colitis, prevention and treatment of digestive diseases and appetite, etc., which are very effective in protecting our intestines. Aloe vera is rich in prebiotics needed by the human body. Prebiotics can supplement the "food" of the intestinal probiotics, activate and multiply the probiotic flora in the human body, so as to promote the micro-ecological balance and improve health. Therefore, aloe vera water rich in prebiotics helps to improve immunity and protect gastrointestinal health.

4. Promote the body's absorption of our gastrointestinal tract. Although we have many hearty breakfasts for us to choose from every day, the gastrointestinal tract is still in vain without "waking up" and unable to absorb nutrients. Therefore, we also need to give our intestines and stomach an alarm clock to remind them that it is time to absorb nutrients for the body. The first glass of aloe vera water of the all-round nutrition meal can help us promote absorption every day.

5. The thick leaves of medicinal aloe vera are rich in viscous liquid. This viscous liquid can prevent and treat ulcers, promote wound healing, stimulate cell growth and stop bleeding. It is also a natural preservative and humectant. Direct external application of the viscous liquid of aloe leaves can effectively treat common skin and body surface diseases. 

The harm of aloin barbaloin to the body

The active ingredient of aloe capsules is aloin, which has a certain purgative effect. Long-term use will indeed cause dependence and tolerance. It is also a cooling ingredient. If used during menstruation, it will affect menstrual stability.

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