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Arbutin's effects on skin

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Arbutin, also known as arbutin, is mainly extracted from the leaves of bear fruit. Arbutin can also be found in some fruits and other plants, such as western pear, Xiaoshan pear and Saxifraga. However, at present, arbutin on the market is chemically synthesized. Arbutin is widely used in skin care products because it can accelerate the decomposition and excretion of melanin, reduce skin pigment deposition, remove spots and freckles, and brighten skin color.

Efficacy and function of alpha arbutin

1. Arbutin can whiten and reduce the pigmentation of epidermal melanin.

2. Arbutin can shrink pores and tighten skin.alpha arbutin price - JIAHE

Arbutin is good for the skin. It is a pure plant extract. It is relatively safe and is not prone to allergic reactions. Arbutin can effectively prevent the breeding of melanin. Skin color will also become more uniform.

Nowadays, arbutin is also widely used in many skin care products, and many skin care products will also add arbutin. We think that arbutin sugarcane skin care ingredients are safer and more effective.

While whitening the skin with arbutin, we also need to pay attention to skin care. For example, we should supplement enough water to the skin every day, which can effectively inhibit color spots and chloasma.

The reason why there are color spots on the skin is that these lesions are also caused by the lack of water at the root of the skin. Therefore, while supplementing whitening ingredients, we should also replenish water and sunscreen for the skin, which is also the best way to help the skin restore white texture in a multi pronged way.

Matters needing attention of arbutin

1. After using arbutin for skin change, pay attention to avoid light and sunscreen.

2. It is forbidden to use some irritant cosmetics externally.

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