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Ceramide's efficacy and role

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Ceramide is a very popular moisturizing ingredient in recent years. As long as you use or research moisturizing products, you will definitely find ceramide as a special ingredient. Even related research directly points out that ceramide is useful for repairing our skin. It has very good results, and it is also a product that people of almost every skin type can use with confidence. But what exactly is ceramide? What kind of effect does it have? How should it be used in daily skin care to achieve the best results? Below we have compiled relevant information to show you a good understanding of ceramide.

What is Ceramide?

In fact, ceramide is a physiological lipid that naturally exists in the stratum corneum of the skin. In other words, the human body produces it on its own. Among the stratum corneum cells of our skin, there are three main types of lipids that make up the intercellular lipids: ceramide, cholesterol, and free fatty acids. Among them, ceramide is the most important lipid, accounting for about 50%. These lipids form an effective barrier to prevent the loss of moisture in the skin.

Ceramide exists in the stratum corneum of the skin and is the main component of intercellular lipids.

First of all, let's imagine a large bathhouse built piece by piece of tiles. Each tile is like the keratinocytes in your skin, and each tile needs cement to hold them tightly together. Ceramide is like cement. It fills between keratinocytes and seals every gap to form a barrier, which not only effectively prevents water loss, but also maintains the integrity of the skin's stratum corneum. Just imagine, if there is not enough ceramide in the skin, as if there is not enough cement, then the tiles will fall off due to infirmity, and the entire bath tub may collapse as a result, and the water inside will also be lost.ceramide-Jiaherbio

The effect of rice bran ceramide 

Because ceramide can strengthen the skin barrier, maintain the integrity of the stratum corneum, and form a hydrophobic film to lock in moisture, it has excellent moisturizing effects and helps reduce signs of aging such as fine lines. In addition, it is a substance naturally present in human skin and has high biocompatibility, so it is quite safe to use and is not easy to cause allergic reactions. Skin care products rich in ceramide can help the skin improve its moisture retention function, and also make the skin more elastic and soft.

Research on bio ceramide 

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2002, researchers gave 24 children with atopic dermatitis a ceramide The main ingredient of emollients, in most patients (22 out of 24 patients), their symptoms improved significantly within three weeks after treatment, and the transdermal water loss (TEWL) of the skin also decreased significantly (Note 1).

In addition to its excellent water-locking and moisturizing effects, it can also be used in the treatment of acne. According to the results of the academic meeting of 11 Canadian dermatologists published in the Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology in 2014, it was pointed out that moisturizers containing ceramides may be used in the treatment of acne and acne. play an important part. At present, the commonly used treatments for acne and acne, such as A acid and topical antibiotics, are accompanied by side effects such as scaling, dry itching, and irritation, making it very difficult to adhere to treatment. These dermatologists believe that the use of moisturizers containing ceramide during treatment can effectively help slow down or offset these side effects and help patients stick to the course of treatment of acne (Note 2).

Are you suitable to use ingredients containing ceramide to moisturize?

As mentioned earlier, ceramide is a naturally occurring substance in the epidermis of the skin and has good biocompatibility, so it is beneficial to almost any skin type, especially for people with sensitive skin. Most dry-type sensitive muscles are closely related to the lack of ceramide. When the skin contains insufficient ceramide, it means that the skin barrier is damaged or unhealthy, the water in the skin is easy to lose, and the external irritants of the skin are also easy to enter, just like you keep pouring water into a broken glass , Does not help. Therefore, adding ceramide-containing skin care products to the maintenance program can effectively strengthen the skin's barrier function and strengthen the skin's moisture-holding power.

Will there be less and less rice bran ceramide in our skin? 

Although our skin already contains ceramide, it is like collagen, it will gradually lose after the age of 25, coupled with the sun, air pollution, sudden changes in temperature... and other factors will continue to destroy and reduce the production, which is why Some people have always had no problems with their skin, and only at a certain age did they realize that their skin suddenly became dry and sensitive. Therefore, supplementing ceramide through skin care products is definitely beneficial to skin health.

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