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Deoxyarbutin-new generation brightening and whitening active agent

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Introduction to deoxyarbutin

Deoxyarbutin, as a competitive tyrosinase inhibitor, can regulate the production of melanin, overcome pigmentation, fade skin black spots, and has a rapid and lasting skin whitening effect. The inhibitory effect of deoxyarbutin on tyrosinase is significantly better than other whitening active agents, and it can show whitening and brightening effect with a small amount of use. Deoxyarbutin also has strong antioxidant effect.

Effect of deoxyarbutin powderbuy deoxyarbutin powder - JIAHE

Deoxyarbutin is a very effective tyrosinase inhibitor, which can significantly block the formation of melanin in skin. In animal skin test, deoxyarbutin can effectively inhibit tyramine enzyme activity and melanin formation in skin tissue, quickly and effectively whiten skin, and have different whitening effects on people with different skin colors. However, when the ingredient is stopped, the effect can still be maintained for nearly 8 weeks, and its decolorization effect can be completely reversed after 8 weeks, It will not cause permanent damage to melanocytes. Its efficacy is 10 times that of hydroquinone and 350 times that of general arbutin.

Therefore, as a new generation of cosmetic brightening and whitening active agent, it is mainly used in advanced whitening cosmetics. Cosmetics with this substance as an additive have been listed in the United States, Taiwan and other places, and will have a very broad application in the whitening and skin care market in the future. In addition, in addition to whitening, it also has many other functions. It can be seen as an intermediate, synthetic compound and synthetic liquid crystal.

Matters needing attention of arbutin

Deoxyarbutin is easy to oxidize and change color when placed in the presence of water. Pay attention to the following when formulating:

1. Nitrogen filling.

2. Add antioxidant that can be compounded.

3. The heating temperature shall not be higher than 80 ℃, and it is better to add it to the low-temperature phase.

4. Fully study the formula to eliminate the effect of discoloration.

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