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Ferulic acid's application in cosmetics industry

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Effects of ferulic acid

Ferulic acid is favored by the cosmetics industry because ferulic acid has a strong antioxidant and scavenging effect of oxygen free radicals, and has the effect of inhibiting tyrosinase activity, which can delay skin aging and whiten the skin. In addition, ferulic acid has sun protection ability, and has good ultraviolet absorption around 290-330 nm, which can prevent and reduce the damage of this wavelength of ultraviolet rays to the skin.

American Xiulike skin care products contain natural 15% L-Vc, 1% Ve, and specially blended ferulic acid ingredients to enhance the unique antioxidant capacity of Vc+Ve.

ferulic acid benefits-jiaherbio

Application of ferulic acid

In summary, ferulic acid exists in a variety of plants and has a wide range of biological activities. It has been used in medicine, food, and cosmetics industries, and has achieved good results. Structural transformation and modification of ferulic acid may lead to the development of ferulic acid derivatives with stronger activity and less toxic side effects. These studies will undoubtedly improve the application value of related plants.

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