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Glutathione's whitening effect and application

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Basics of glutathione hplc

The whitening effect of glutathione is mainly caused by the antioxidant and free radical scavenging effects of glutathione. Glutathione is a small molecular peptide composed of three amino acids. It acts as an important antioxidant and free radical scavenger in the body, such as combining with free radical heavy metals, so as to convert harmful toxins in the body into harmless substances and excrete them from the body. . Glutathione is a sulfhydryl-containing tripeptide bound by glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine, and has antioxidant and integrated detoxification effects. The sulfhydryl group on cysteine is the active group of glutathione, which is easy to combine with certain drugs and toxins, and has the function of integrated detoxification.

Cosmetic effects of glutathione

The human body will lead to the emergence of free radicals in the process of metabolism, which will cause great damage to the biofilm. And glutathione can play a very good defense role in the human body, especially in beauty, its efficacy and role are very outstanding.

1. Eliminate free radicals

Glutathione scavenges free radicals. If you want to effectively delay your aging and make yourself look younger and more temperamental, you can consider using it to help time. In this way, the aging speed of our cells will be slowed down accordingly. In this way, not only will the aging become slower, but the vitality of the body will also be better guaranteed, and the state of the whole person will become better. young Glutathione -Jiahe

2. Whitening

Glutathione can effectively block melanin and prevent melanin from accumulating in our body, so sisters who want to whiten can also choose it to try, you will find that its whitening effect is better than any other products. And it can achieve a whitening from the inside out, making our skin look more clear. For women with pigmentation spots, it can also give some relief to the pigmentation spots and ensure a smooth and clean face.

3. Lighten stains

Glutathione also has a great lightening effect. This is because there is a certain ingredient in it that prevents melanin from being produced in the body. However, it is only useful for pigmentation caused by such conditions, and it does not improve the pigmentation caused by endocrine or other pathological reasons.

The cosmetic effect of glutathione is still very good, in addition to the cosmetic effect, it also has a good conditioning effect on the liver. The important thing is that the effect of prolonging life is obvious, because it can promote the increase of secretory interferon, so that the lifespan of cells can be effectively prolonged, so that the lifespan of human beings will naturally be better extended.

Main applications of glutathione

1. Clinical drugs

Glutathione drugs are widely used in clinical practice. In addition to using its sulfhydryl group to chelate heavy metals, fluoride, mustard gas and other toxin poisoning, it is also used in hepatitis, hemolytic diseases, keratitis, cataract and retinal diseases. Medications for treatment or adjunctive therapy. In recent years, Western scientists, especially Japanese scholars have found that glutathione has the function of inhibiting HIV.

New research also shows that GSH can correct the imbalance of acetylcholine and cholinesterase, play an anti-allergic effect, prevent skin aging and pigmentation, reduce the formation of melanin, improve the skin's antioxidant capacity and make the skin shiny, In addition, GSH also has a good effect on the treatment of corneal diseases and improvement of sexual function.

2. Antioxidant effect

As an important antioxidant in the body, glutathione can remove free radicals in the human body; because GSH itself is susceptible to oxidation by certain substances, it can protect the sulfhydryl groups in many proteins and enzymes in the body from being harmful. Substances are oxidized to ensure the normal performance of molecular physiological functions such as proteins and enzymes; the content of glutathione in human erythrocytes is very large, which is of great significance to protect the sulfhydryl groups of proteins on the erythrocyte membrane in a reduced state and prevent hemolysis.

3. Food additives

Adding glutathione to food can have unexpected effects:

1. Adding it to the flour products can play a reducing role. It not only shortens the time of making bread to one-half or one-third of the original, but also greatly improves labor conditions, and plays a role in strengthening food nutrition and other functions.

2. Add it to yogurt and baby food, which is equivalent to vitamin C and can play the role of stabilizer.

3. Mix it into the fish cake to prevent the color from deepening.

4. When added to meat products and cheese, it has the effect of enhancing the flavor.

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