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Grosvenorin of the efficacy and function

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With growing awareness of the dangers of a high-sugar diet, health groups around the world are urging people to limit their sugar intake. The World Health Organization has announced that it will reduce its recommended intake of calories from sugar from the previous 10 percent to 5 percent, which is about 25 grams a day for a normal-weight adult.

Efficacy and function of grosvenorinextraction mogrosides - JIAHE

For teeth: Residual sugar in the mouth is most easily decomposed by bacteria fermentation, produce acid, corrosion of tooth enamel, is very easy to lead to caries.

On the brain: long-term high sugar diet will make the brain slow, learning and memory ability decline.

To gallbladder: sugar ingestion is excessive, can accelerate the accumulation of cholesterol, cause bile cholesterol, bile acid, lecithin 3 proportions maladjusted, excessive cholesterol can form cholesterol stone again.

For the heart: Sugary drinks raise blood levels of triglycerides, which increase the risk of heart disease.

Skin: Sugar binds to collagen in the skin, weakening collagen's ability to repair and regenerate the skin, leading to premature wrinkles and sagging.

To bone: sugar intake excessive will affect the body to the absorption of calcium in food, thus affecting bone health.

For blood vessels: sweets will increase the triglyceride in the blood, making the blood viscosity increase, easy to high blood fat, and even the formation of thrombosis.

For islets: high sugar diet will cause short-term increase in blood glucose, aggravating the burden of pancreatic islets; Obesity caused by a high-sugar diet tends to lead to a relative lack of insulin, or insulin resistance, which greatly increases the risk of diabetes.

In order to enjoy a healthier life, a variety of substitute sweeteners have been developed and used. Naturally extracted artificial sweetener has been paid more and more attention and has become the development trend of the industry.

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