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Hesperidin makes sugar-free products healthier

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With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to their health, and begin to realize that sugar is the main culprit for the increase of obesity and various metabolic diseases. Both the World Health Organization and the Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents have lowered the intake of sugar in recent years, reducing the proportion of sugar intake from 10% to 5%, about 25 grams per day.

Consumers want to get rid of sugar, but they want the taste to remain unchanged. This poses a challenge for food companies to reduce sugar without changing the taste of their products. This has forced food companies to use sweeteners that can replace sugar and have almost no calories.hesperidin quercetin manufacturer- JIAHE

However, the commonly used substitute sugar on the market can reduce sugar to a certain extent, but it will cause bitter, astringent, sour and special tastes. Because the taste of sucrose is unique, it is almost impossible to find a perfect substitute.

Many food companies are choosing to live with sugar rather than replace it. Some Japanese food companies began to choose the way of orange peel element and sugar substance coexistence, to solve the problem of sugar reduction and not reduce sweetness and its own flavor, orange peel elementin the food industry set off a wave.

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