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Kavalactone is the perfect anti-anxiety, relaxing plant

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Kava is a natural plant that grows in Polynesia. For 3000 years, islanders in the Pacific have used its roots to brew "wine" for social and celebrations, but it does not contain alcohol. The roots of kava can be used to make non-alcoholic beverages and can also be dried as medicine. In the West, it is more and more widely used to relieve stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Best kavalactone can help relax muscles and mood, reduce excessive cranky, improve brain concentration, expand overall consciousness, and will not be addictive. Perhaps it is for these reasons that residents of Pacific Islands are keen on Kava. Kava has a very significant effect on reducing anxiety. A four-week study showed that anxiety patients only need to take kava for one week to have a remarkable improvement, and after four weeks, their condition has improved almost 95%.

   A German doctor Waltz conducted a longer experiment (6 months). He found that kava can bring significant relaxation to patients with anxiety disorders. The effect is much better than ordinary pills and the side effects are small. 

Studies have shown that kava has the same effect as diazepam, but the same effect can be achieved without the need to continuously increase the amount of use. There is no discontinuation reaction problem when stopping the use. It is very suitable for special occasions that cause anxiety. Such as job interviews or final exams, because at this time you need to remain calm and quick-thinking. Numerous experiments have proved that the effect of kava is not only better than placebo, but also far better than the best medical sedatives and does not bring the adverse side effects that the latter often has.kavalactone extract manufacturer-JIAHE

   Kava can relax the mood and relax the muscles to relieve headaches, backaches and other pains caused by muscle tension. It can also enhance the mind's attention and keep the mind in a relaxed state. More importantly, it is not addictive.

   Why does KaVo have such a good relaxing effect? It turns out that the resin containing a special cream can act on the emotional center of the brain (perhaps indirectly by acting on GABA receptors) and directly affect the muscles to achieve psychological and physical relaxation in two different ways. It does not cause addiction and long-term brain damage like alcohol.

Kavalactone extract special Note

 Taking kava at the recommended dose will not cause any side effects except occasionally causing rashes, headaches or mild nausea in some people who are allergic. But if you consume a lot of alcohol or take drugs that are toxic to the liver, taking kava will increase the burden on your liver. Please note that the use of kava is currently banned in the UK because a small number of patients with liver damage, alcoholics, or people who are using drugs that damage liver function have developed symptoms related to liver problems after using kava at the same time. The United States does not ban kava. Why do people from Kava's place of origin are safe and sound, and it will cause liver damage to patients in the European and American markets? Although since 2003, scientists from all over the world have conducted systematic research on "Kava-hepatitis", published more than 300 papers, and put forward many hypotheses and explanations.

 Dr. Qiu Shengxiang, who is engaged in agricultural and food quality research at the South China Botanical Garden of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has collaborated with researchers from the China Pharmaceutical University and the University of California School of Medicine on the "Kava-hepatitis" topic. Recently, researchers proved for the first time that Kava’s hepatotoxic component is tea catechol FKB, and through the determination of liver function biochemical indicators and functional enzyme activity, cell apoptosis and signal transduction, etc., the mechanism of its liver toxicity was clarified, and FKB was proposed. It is the original component of Kava, it is insoluble in water, but it is easily extracted by organic solvents such as acetone and ethanol. This well explains why Kava is non-toxic in its place of origin (it is customary to drink it with water or coconut milk), but in the West, especially Europe and the United States (usually acetone extract is used as a raw material to make capsules). , And on this basis, proposed methods to avoid and prevent Kava liver poisoning. For example, when using Kava, follow the previous medication method, blisters, etc., or eliminate the acetone extract components after the completion of the drug. For this reason, I suggest that frequent drinkers should not take kava extract or take kava as directed by a doctor.

Kavalactone powder dosage

   The active ingredient of kava is called kava lactone, which has a strong flavor and makes the mouth and tongue tingling for a short time. The recommended daily dose for adults is 60-75 mg of kavalactone, 2-3 times a day, which is equivalent to 200-250 mg of a standard extract containing 30% of kavalactone. If you want to promote sleep, make yourself energetic, or relax yourself immediately, double the dosage, but don't take it with alcohol.

   Take 20 minutes before going to bed, Kava can deepen sleep, and there is no feeling of sleepiness after being awake.

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