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L carnitine's efficacy on human body

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What's the use of L-carnitine

1. It is beneficial to eliminate fatty liver

The liver is an important metabolic organ of lipids and fats. In addition to eating too much fat can lead to fatty liver, when the body lacks L-carnitine or methyl supply is insufficient, it will cause obstacles to the oxidation of long-chain fatty acids and lead to excessive accumulation of fat in the liver.

Increasing or supplementing the intake of L-carnitine can regulate fat metabolism, promote fat oxidation, and fundamentally eliminate excess or accumulated fat in the body or organs. At present, countries such as Switzerland, the United States and Japan use L-carnitine to prevent the occurrence of fatty liver. They can also recover by adding L-carnitine to eliminate excessive fat in the liver.

2. Enhance endurance and exercise ability

L-carnitine can promote the oxidation and energy supply of fatty acids through mitochondrial membrane, so it can promote the combustion of fat in the body to provide energy during exercise. At the same time, L-carnitine can also promote the oxidative utilization of branched chain amino acids, change the activity of respiratory enzymes in mitochondria, and improve the ability of aerobic oxidation and energy supply of the body.

Therefore, appropriate use of L-carnitine by athletes can improve energy generation in sports, improve the body's endurance level, and improve sports performance, especially suitable for endurance sports.l carnitine benefits - JIAHE

3. Promote fatigue recovery and reduce ammonia toxicity

L-carnitine supplementation can promote the activity of pyruvate dehydrogenase in cells, promote the oxidative utilization of glucose, and delay the occurrence of fatigue during exercise. Excessive production of lactic acid during exercise will increase the acidity of blood and tissue fluid, reduce the generation of ATP and lead to fatigue. Supplementing L-carnitine can remove excessive lactic acid, improve exercise ability and promote the recovery of exercise-induced fatigue. Appropriate supplementation of L-carnitine also has obvious effect on chronic fatigue syndrome.

Ammonia is the product of protein degradation and the identification mark of exercise-induced fatigue. Even if the ammonia content is low, it will have great toxicity. It is found that L-carnitine has the protective effect of anti ammonia toxicity, can promote the urea cycle and degrade ammonia into urea, so as to relieve the toxicity of ammonia.

4. Anti aging process and health prevention

Energy is the greatest anti-aging force. Cells will be full of vitality when they have enough energy. In the process of human aging, the weakening of cell energy is one of the reasons for accelerating aging. Appropriate supplementation of L-carnitine can delay the aging process.

L-carnitine participates in many metabolic links. It plays an important role in improving human immunity, protecting the stability of cell membrane, improving exercise endurance and anti fatigue. Actively correcting the lack of L-carnitine can promote the recovery of various metabolic disorders in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, enhance the body's energy synthesis, improve the maximum exercise endurance level and play an anti fatigue role. It can also play a certain role in the prevention and control of sub-health.

5. Conducive to infant health

L-carnitine is a conditional essential nutrient for infants and plays an important role in the metabolism of infants using fat as an energy source. The synthesis ability of L-carnitine in infants is weak, only 12% of adults, especially premature infants. Exogenous L-carnitine must be supplemented to meet the needs of the body. L-carnitine not only plays an important role in energy production and fat metabolism, but also plays a certain role in maintaining infant life and promoting some physiological processes of infant development, such as ketogenesis and nitrogen metabolism. At present, 22 countries in the world have added L-carnitine to infant milk powder, and China has also listed breast milk milk powder added with L-carnitine.

6. Health care for heart and blood vessels

The heart is the most "diligent" organ of the human body. It needs to pump blood continuously to maintain human life. At least two-thirds of the energy source of the moving heart cells comes from fat oxidation, and L-carnitine is an indispensable key substance for fat oxidation. If L-carnitine is lacking, the heart will be affected first.

L-carnitine is very important for the health of cardiomyocytes. Supplementing enough L-carnitine is conducive to the prevention and treatment of various heart conditions. For example, it can improve the heart function of people with congestive heart problems, minimize the damage after heart attack, reduce the pain of angina pectoris, and improve arrhythmia without affecting blood pressure.

7. Lower cholesterol and protect blood vessels

L-carnitine can also improve the level of high-density lipoprotein in the blood, help to clear cholesterol in the body, protect blood vessels, reduce blood lipids, and reduce the blood pressure of patients with hypertension. A large number of animal and human experiments have confirmed that L-carnitine supplementation is beneficial to the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. At present, the most extensive and in-depth clinical research in China is the anti myocardial ischemia, arrhythmia and lipid-lowering effects of L-carnitine.

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