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Mogroside V's application

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Mogroside application

(1) Added to coffee or tea, it can refresh your mind and relieve stress.

(2) When added to traditional Chinese medicine, it can mask the peculiar smell or bitter taste produced by traditional Chinese medicine without affecting the efficacy.

(3) Added to cooked food, it is sweet, smooth, and will not cause blood sugar fluctuations. It can also be eaten by diabetics.

(4) It can be added to supplementary food for infants and children, which will not cause dental caries and is beneficial to tooth health.

(5) When making desserts at home, such as ice cream, cake and bread, they can be used instead of ordinary sugar and granulated sugar, which is nutritious and healthy.

(6) Hot tea is made by boiling hot water. Frozen tea is like fruit juice. The dosage can be increased or decreased according to personal preference. You can drink it in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and when you are thirsty, so you can keep a clear mind and full of energy to complete the busy work of the day.mogroside for sale - JIAHE

(7) Dieters or those who must control their sugar intake can use it as a sweetener. Adding about 3G of this product to a glass of milk will make the original taste of milk better, eliminate the unique odor, and make the milk taste delicious. Both warm milk and Iced Milk can be used.

(8) Because there is no special color and bitter taste, it will not change the color and taste of dishes. It can be added to various dishes for cooking. It can eliminate the unique fishy smell of fish and meat, and make fish and meat soft; It can replace sugar to pickle cold mixed vegetables, and the taste is much more delicious; Add this product to the stew to make the soup taste more pure and thick; It is suitable for patients with excessive smoking, bronchitis, asthma and diabetes.

(9) It can make the skin spots and wrinkles become less obvious, and it can play a preventive role, which is due to the super antioxidant effect of Siraitia grosvenorii sweet glycosides contained in the product. After 3G ~ 6G of this product is flushed with an appropriate amount of warm water every day, it can be applied after washing the face in the morning and evening like makeup water. It can be used all over the body except for the face and hands. There is no need to apply other cosmetics, and the skin will be very tender. When your skin is dry in winter, you can apply it several times. After repeated use, the skin spots and freckles can be lightened, the skin is elastic, and the wrinkles are no longer obvious.

(10) People who are worried about cold hands and feet, shoulder pain and low back pain can add this product (add about 9g depending on the amount of water in the bath), and slowly soak it in it, which can promote blood circulation and make people with cold hands and feet feel warm from their bodies. From children to the elderly, you can take a bath in this way to achieve a strong skin effect that is not easy to catch a cold. At the same time, it helps to beautify the whole body and moisturize the skin.

(11) Put 6G ~ 9g of this product into the washbasin and mix it with an appropriate amount of water. It can be used as a hair care water to prevent hair loss, dandruff and scalp itching. It can also repair the damaged hair after dyeing. It can be used for hair care at any age and make you have healthy and beautiful hair.

(12) Add 6G ~ 9g of this product into the washbasin, completely dissolve it with warm water, immerse Yanqing in the water, blink, and wash your eyes. In this way, eye washing can eliminate eye fatigue caused by long-time reading and computer use. People who often use the computer and read books for a long time, but feel tired with clear eyes, or who have dry eyes, often use this product to wash and drink. Because Momordica grosvenorii saponin has the effect of SOD, it can remove the active oxygen in Yanqing and eliminate Yanqing fatigue.

(13) It can be used instead of sucrose in the processing of candy, cakes, beverages, solid beverages, dairy products, fried snacks, seasonings, preserves, etc., and can be used in an appropriate amount according to production needs.

Mogroside fit people

Lohan fructose is a product suitable for both men and women, old and young. It is also suitable for people who are afraid of sugar, such as diabetes, obese people, high blood pressure, anti caries children, etc. who are not suitable for eating high calorie sweetness. Lohan fructose crystal sugar also has the function of regulating blood glucose. People who are afraid of sugar can replace sucrose for daily consumption.

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