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Phloretin have main value in whitening skin care products

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The natural sweetness enhancer phloretin makes sugar-free products healthier. Now, more and more people to the definition of the United States more and more high-end atmosphere, in treating the skin is more so, although now people know that the skin color is by the melanin to control, but how many people know that the person's skin color is composed of 4 biological pigments? Melanin is just one of four biological pigments. The others are oxygenated hemoglobin in red, reduced hemoglobin in blue, carotene in yellow, and bile pigment

Here to popularize the relevant knowledge of melanin. Melanin is synthesized by the melanocytes in the bottom layer of the skin. Simply speaking, it is formed by a complex oxidation reaction catalyzed by a series of enzymes. In fact, whether white, black or yellow, the skin contains almost the same melanocytes, so the decision of congenital skin color and acquired skin color, mainly or tyrosinase activity affects the formation of melanin, it has an important impact on a person's skin color change. All of these are preconditions. Skin color ultimately needs to be shown in keratinocytes, so melanin needs to be transported to the skin to have a final effect on skin color.

So do we want whitening to control melanocyte synthesis or block melanin transport to the skin? All know collaterals neuraminidase by oxidation reaction to generate, so if we can effectively reduce the degree of oxidation skin, we can not only slow oxidation, still can put has oxidation material to restore back, only in this way, can we achieve eventually reduce the amount of melanin, the conclusion comes, is antioxidant is a necessary way to whitening.

Most of the whitening active ingredients on the market today are antioxidants, and the active ingredients that can really play a whitening role in poverty alleviation still have several requirements

First, it's absolutely safe for the skin.phloretin powder supplier - JIAHE

Second, it blocks the production and transport of melanin.

Third, the formula is stable and will not be affected before expiration.

Fourth, can penetrate skin epidermis deep, produce reaction to melanocyte. 

In one study, a natural antioxidant found in the flesh and skin of apples was found to work well on its own and to encourage other formulations to penetrate deeper into the skin.

Through some experiments, the current combination of vitamin C + ferulic acid + phloretin can reduce the damage of ultraviolet light to the skin, when the skin uses the oxidation combination, not only block the formation of melanin but also effectively curb the number of erythema caused by ultraviolet light, to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.


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