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Phycocyanin's benefits showed to you

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Phycocyanin is an intracellular protein, which is an extract from Spirulina. It is separated by breaking the spirulina cell sediment. Because it appears blue after extraction, it is called phycocyanin.

It is a natural, edible and harmless pigment. It is the only azure blue pigment allowed by the US FDA, and neither the US FDA nor the EU restricts its usage, so you can eat it with confidence.

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Phycocyanin's benefits and effects  

Of course, phycocyanin is not only a pure natural pigment. Spirulina itself is rich in protein, including eight essential amino acids for the human body. It is a good protein supplement. In recent years, more and more scientists have discovered the nutritional value of spirulina, so spirulina is known as "the most ideal food in the 21st century." As an extract of spirulina, phycocyanin also has rich nutritional value. As the amino acid composition is complete and rich in protein, the intake of phycocyanin is of great benefit to the human body. 

Phycocyanin can increase the activity of lymphocytes, improve the body's immunity through the lymphatic system, and enhance the body's ability to prevent and fight diseases. It can improve anemia, such as iron-supplemented meats and animal organs. The hemoferrin they are rich in can be directly absorbed by the human body. Non-hemoferrin is difficult to absorb by the human body. It must be separated first and then reduced to Divalent iron can be absorbed in this way, so the absorption rate is very low. 

Phycocyanin can form soluble compounds with iron to improve the body's absorption of iron. It also has an anti-oxidant effect. It can clean up a series of toxic free radicals such as superoxide and hydroperoxide groups, so it has a good effect on combating oxidative stress, fatigue or insomnia. Therefore, if you have a lot of work pressure, long-term high pressure causes insomnia, hair loss and other sub-health problems, you can supplement phycocyanin, which is an ideal food that meets the needs of modern people. Because of its low-calorie and high-nutrition characteristics, spirulina has also been used in meal replacement bars in recent years to provide high-nutrition and low-calorie meal replacement products to friends who love beauty and pursue healthy weight loss. 

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