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Plant extracts of the development prospects

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China's plant extract industry started relatively late, but with traditional Chinese medicine culture, resources and technical advantages, the plant extract industry has a good momentum of development, and has made good achievements. Now, plant extract industry has become a veritable sunrise industry, market development space is huge.

Plant extract is the main raw material of plant medicaments, it has the advantages of small toxic and side effects, not easy to produce resistance, etc., and it is widely used, such as health care products, cosmetics, plant medicine and other fields. At the same time, the plant extract development cost is relatively small, technical content is high, added value is large, favored by governments.

Compared with developed countries, China's plant extract industry has not been rising for a long time, but with its own heritage and rapid development, has become the main form of Chinese medicine products export. According to relevant statistics, in 2014, the export of plant extracts in China reached us $1.748 billion, with a year-on-year growth of 23.81%; During the same period, the export volume of traditional Chinese medicine was 3.592 billion US dollars, and plant extracts accounted for nearly half, 48.66%.

However, because of the limited development time, China's plant extract industry is still facing many problems. 

Firstly, the lack of product standards is holding back the industryPlant Extracts - JIAHE

There are many varieties of plant extracts exported from China, but there is no unified national and industry-level standard, which influences the healthy development of the whole industry.

Secondly, there are loopholes in management and hidden dangers in product quality and safety

 In addition to the lack of standards, there is no unified testing method in China, and there are obvious loopholes in the management of the competent authorities, which bury hidden dangers for the quality and safety of plant extract products.

Thirdly, product homogeneity is serious and international competitiveness is weak

On the whole, the plant extract products in China are mainly crude extracts, and the homogeneity phenomenon is common. In addition, the lack of mandatory standards and regulations and clear threshold requirements has greatly weakened the international competitiveness of Chinese plant extract products.

Finally, the investment in technological innovation is limited and the brand awareness is poor

Technological innovation should be the core competitiveness of plant extract enterprises, but most enterprises in China lack of independent innovation, still in the imitation stage, resulting in the industry sustained development of the power is not enough. In addition, domestic plant extract enterprises brand awareness is weak, do not pay attention to brand construction.

In the future, the plant extract industry development, to solve the above constraints, the government, associations, enterprises and other forces, to achieve the healthy and sustainable development of China's plant extract industry. To be specific, one should establish a unified international standard system to promote industrial upgrading; Second, improve administrative regulations and close loopholes; Third, strengthen the construction of industry self-discipline and support the work of the association; Fourth, increase investment in basic research and other policy support to guide the healthy development of industries; Fifth, we should take the road of modern enterprise development and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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