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Pyrethrin spray of the effects

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Pesticide pyrethrin was originally developed to achieve or exceed the insecticidal effects of natural pyrethrin. It is undeniable that it will indeed be more stable in the sun. Pyrethroids are often used in agriculture because they are more stable when used in the sun. What are the hazards of pyrethroids? Pyrethroids are toxic and can cause damage to the human nervous system, cause dizziness, headaches and nerve paralysis, and slow thinking. In particular, some insecticide aerosols contain a large amount of pyrethroids, which are more harmful to the human body; Most of the auxiliary components of insecticides are homologues of benzene and benzene. When the human body inhales the insecticide, it will damage the human blood circulation system, induce bone marrow disease or blood disease, etc. Let’s take a look at the effect of pyrethrin spray Bar?pyrethrin insecticide for sale - JIAHE

Pyrethrin spray is widely used. Recently, its popularity among homeowners has increased because the widely used insecticide diazinon has been brought into the US market. Pyrethroids have good prospects. Shampoos for preventing head lice and fleas, dog ticks, and mosquitoes can also be used in outdoor clothes and camping. Pyrethroids are relatively low toxic, but they are highly toxic to cats and other animals.

As a chemical pesticide with relatively low toxicity, pyrethrin is widely used in mosquito coils or sprays because its price is lower than that of natural pyrethrin. Its main purpose is to kill mosquitoes. For example, the common domestic "Lanju brand" mosquito coils used permethrin is one of them, and the product packaging will also be printed: pesticide registration and production certificate number, and the content will also be marked on the product.

From my personal point of view, I recommend using mosquito nets as much as possible to avoid mosquitoes when sleeping in summer. Although mosquito coils are easy to use and do not contain much pyrethroids, long-term use may be harmful to health.

The above is the content of the effect of pyrethrin spray introduced by the editor of Baibai Safety Net. If you want to know more about indoor safety, then continue to browse the content in the home safety knowledge base of this net, so that your family will have a good life. Living environment.

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