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Quercetin of the basic introduction

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In addition to combining quercetin with some chemicals to dye, quercetin is also rich in antioxidant components, so it is often used to add oil and drinks. In addition to these effects, in fact, eating more quercetin can also achieve certain health effects. So, what is quercetin? What specific role does it play?

Quercetin it is actually insoluble in water, it can only be dissolved in glacial acetic acid, alkaline liquid. We know that the human stomach secretes gastric acid, so quercetin, if ingested, is digested in the stomach and then absorbed as a nutrient.

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 After systematic demonstration, eating quercetin directly can achieve good effect of removing sputum and relieving cough, and lung damage has been relatively serious, such as emphysema and other problems, so you can also eat more quercetin, eating more can effectively achieve the purpose of antiasthmatic. In addition, quercetin can also reduce blood pressure in the body, increase the tension of capillaries, and make capillaries more elastic. With more flexibility, even if your blood pressure is high, even if you get angry easily, you are less likely to rupture your brain vessels.



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