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Research progress of anti-aging substance "Pterostilbene" reversing the law of aging

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What is quercetin and pterostilbene

Red sandalwood, a "longevity tree" that grows in southern India, was used by emperors as medicine or perfume more than 2,000 years ago to treat sleep disorders, diabetes, tumors and skin diseases. With the development of modern technology, the effective ingredients in this tree have been extracted, and it is an important ingredient in the elixir of pterostilbene.quercetin and pterostilbene-jiaherbio

Pterostilbene supplement reversing the law of aging's research progress 

Studies have shown that Pterostilbene is an important anti-aging factor and the best natural plant anti-aging factor discovered in this century.

According to the data in "Research Progress of Pterostilbene", Pterostilbene is one of the hotspots of current research. It has various biological activities such as anti-tumor, cardiovascular protection, and antioxidant. In addition, Pterostilbene has high stability and high bioavailability. Provides advantages for applications.

Pterostilbene has limited natural sources. In the future, more researchers will be attracted to conduct in-depth research on the anti-tumor effect and anti-oxidation of Pterostilbene, explore its mechanism of action, and provide a basis for clinical application. In addition, researches on Pterostilbene anti-oxidation and anti-ultraviolet rays also provide a scientific basis for its application in skin care products and health products.

Red sandalwood grows slowly. At present, only a small number of wild forest trees in India are internationally endangered species. It is clearly stated in the World Trade Convention that sandalwood red sandalwood is an internationally endangered species, and foreign trade in logs, wood chips, powder and extracts is prohibited.

In 2019, a magical anti-aging medicine called Rubik's Cube was popular on major forum websites in the United States. This anti-aging medicine was produced by Pengmen Future Health Management Co., Ltd. of the United States. The company uses traditional Chinese medicine theories and draws on the most cutting-edge international Research reports and a world-class western experimental system have launched the world’s first anti-aging and life-prolonging product based on 100% natural Indian wild sandalwood and red sandalwood: Rubik's Cube-Top Pterostilbene.

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