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Rosmarinic acid rosemary extract's application in food and cosmetics fields

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Application of rosmarinic acid powder

1. Rosmarinic acid applied in food field

Rosmarinic acid staherb is used as a natural high-efficiency antioxidant. It can replace BHA and BHT in animal and vegetable fats, dairy products, oily foods, candies and baked foods. 

It can also be used as a spice in various soups and seasonings. What is more, it also has antiseptic and antibacterial effects. 

In Japan, perilla extract rich in rosmarinic acid is used as a decoration to improve the shelf life of fresh seafood.

2. Rosmarinic acid supplement applied in health products field 

Rosmarinic acid is also widely used in the field of health products. The mainly functions and effects of rosmarinic acid in this field are as following:

- Anti-tumor

- Anti-hepatitis 

- Protection of liver damage effects

- Anti-staherb nephritis

- Anti-thrombosis 

- Anti-platelet aggregation effects as well as refreshing

- Enhancing memory

- Improving tension and drowsiness

3. Rosmarinus extract applied in cosmetics field 

When used in skin care products, it can dispel pigmentation, anti-oxidation, increase skin elasticity, delay aging, etc.; 

When used in shampoo and hair care products, rosmarinic acid can promote scalp blood circulation, improve hair loss, and reduce the occurrence and irritation of dandruff hair grows and moisturizes hair. 

Therefore, rosmarinic acid can be used as an excellent additive in cosmetics.

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