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The effect of salicin on pimples

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What is white willow bark salicin?

White willow bark extract is made from the phloem part of the white willow branch of the willow family plant as the raw material. It is extracted and refined through advanced technology. Its main component salicin is known as natural aspirin, which can gently remove dead skin cells on the skin surface and accelerate aging skin cells , The unique effect of shedding, regulates the physiological activity of the skin stratum corneum, makes the skin smooth and delicate, and the complexion is even and shiny. At the same time, willow bark extract can enhance the vitality of epidermal cells, promote tissue cell renewal, improve skin immunity, prevent skin inflammation and resist external bacterial erosion, repair damaged skin, and make dull and rough skin reappear radiant and tender.willow bark salicin for sale-JIAHE

Salicin-the main component of white willow bark extract

Salicin, the main component of white willow bark extract, is also called salicin. It dissolves salicylic acid in acid. It is a natural extract component, a fat-soluble s-hydrogen acid, which kills death. The skin effect is remarkable, suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin, used for anti-acne, swelling and pain relief. The main ingredient of Baihuafang's palm sunflower gel is white willow bark extract. Compared with industrial salicylic acid, the salicylic acid in white willow bark extract is a natural extract without any added ingredients, which protects the skin more.

The effects of willow tree extract

1. Acne control

The stratum corneum of the skin is the barrier of the skin, which protects the skin and controls the entry of substances. Under normal circumstances, the metabolism of epidermal cells will move outward, gradually aging and falling off. If the old keratin does not fall off, the skin will look rough and dull, the metabolic rate will slow down, and even acne will form and clogging the pores. Salicylic acid can unclog pores, dissolve acne, and control the occurrence of acne.

2. Exfoliating

Salicylic acid can soften the old cutin, promote the exfoliation of the excess cuticle, and renew the epidermal cells. At the same time, melanin pigment, also known as melanin, also peels off with the stratum corneum, so it has a whitening effect. The principle of action is similar to that of fruit rejuvenation, but the irritation to the skin is relatively small. AHA is water-soluble, has a small molecular weight, and easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis and even the dermis. Due to the deeper skin layers, AHA can directly affect the metabolism of the basal layer of the epidermis, and it can also promote the proliferation of collagen in the dermis. The higher the concentration, the faster the effect may be, but the greater the damage. Salicylic acid BHA is fat-soluble and has a large molecular weight. It acts on the superficial stratum corneum without affecting the active epidermal cells. The effect is relatively stable and the degree of stimulation is relatively small. Compared with fruit acid, salicylic acid is less likely to produce cumulative irritation and inflammation.

3. Prevent acne

Salicylic acid acts on hair follicle wall cells, can unblock blocked hair follicles, promote the shedding of keratin, and accelerate the rate of cell renewal. Salicylic acid can remove blackheads, reduce the abnormal shedding of hair follicle walls, and prevent the occurrence of acne. Salicylic acid added in cosmetics is mainly used for pimples, exfoliating, and reducing pores. Salicylic acid at a concentration of 2% can remove blackheads, and a concentration of 3% to 6% can be used for exfoliating, and higher than 6% is destructive to skin tissues.

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