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The efficacy and role of echinacoside

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What is echinacoside?

Many of my friends don’t know much about echinacoside. In fact, echinacoside is an extract, a white crystalline powder extracted from Cistanche Tubula. Its main ingredient is Cistanche deserticola. So, what are the effects and functions of echinacoside? let's figure it out together.

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The efficacy and role of echinacoside

Echinacoside is the best ingredient of Cistanche Tubula for nourishing kidney and strengthening yang, so it is also widely used in medicine production in the medical field. There are many types of Cistanche, and each type of Cistanche has different effects. Some friends who have taken Cistanche said that they have taken Cistanche for a long time, but the effect on themselves is not obvious. So, this is directly related to the chosen Cistanche.

Echinacoside has many effects and functions. In addition to being used to strengthen the yang and nourish the kidney, it is also very effective in treating impotence and spermatorrhea in men. And it has a significant effect on women's related diseases, such as irregular menstruation, uterine cold, infertility, dry large intestine, dry stools can also be treated with echinacoside. As people’s lives become more and more stressful, many people’s bodies also show different degrees of sub-health problems. For example, many men have insufficient kidney qi and women have common uterine cold. Therefore, such symptoms can be caused by relaxation. Fruit chrysanthemum glycosides are treated.

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