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Theaflavins' efficacy and role displayed

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The effect of theaflavin extract

Theaflavins have the effects of regulating blood lipids, protecting the liver, promoting digestion, and anti-oxidation. It can reduce and slow down the damage of alcohol to the body. It has the ability to resist oxidation and scavenging free radicals. At the same time, it can accelerate the decomposition and metabolism of fats, and maintain the role of body balance.theaflavin extract-jiaherbio

The pharmacological effects of theaflavins

Theaflavins are derived from the enzymatic oxidative condensation of polyphenols and their derivatives. In the structure of theaflavins, in addition to maintaining the two phenolic hydroxyl groups on the catechin A ring, it is formed by two phenolic rings. The benzophenone structure also has 3 hydroxyl groups. There are also the phenolic hydroxyl groups of gallic acid esters, which also have a strong ability to donate protons.

Theaflavins also have a strong inhibitory effect on a variety of pathogenic fungi. Such as low concentration (0.5mg/ml) can inhibit the growth of Moss pilaris and Moss rubrum, while EGCG (epicatechin) still has no inhibitory effect at a high concentration of 2.5mg/ml.

On the other hand, black tea pigments can also improve the intestinal microbial flora of the human body (especially middle-aged and elderly people) and maintain physiological balance. Theaflavins can kill or inhibit intestinal bacteria. So as to enhance the intestinal immune function. 

Distribution of theaflavins and quercetin

Theaflavins are the oxidation products of phenolic substances in tea. The purified product is orange-yellow needle-like crystals with a melting point of 237~240℃. It is easily soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, propanol, n-butanol and ethyl acetate. Soluble in ether, insoluble in chloroform and benzene, the theaflavin solution is bright orange-yellow.

Through the analysis of theaflavin content of 27 standard physical samples of Pu'er tea produced by different manufacturers and 128 commercially available Pu'er teas, the results showed that the lowest content was 0.09%, the highest content was 0.34%, and the average content was 0.19±0.066%.

There are also certain differences in theaflavin content in different grades of Pu-erh tea from different regions. But overall, the content of theaflavins in Pu'er tea is low.

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