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What is ascorbyl palmitate?

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L-ascorbyl palmitic acid (generally called VC ester) has high-efficiency anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and nutritional enhancement effects, and has a variety of physiologically specific vitamin C. In addition, it gets rid of the three major shortcomings of vitamin C, which is afraid of cold, light, and hot flashes. High reliability, every 500g can provide 212g of vitamin C. Below we will discuss what is ascorbyl palmitate.

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What is ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate cream?

L-type ascorbyl palmitate is a new type of intelligent food preservative. Due to its unique effect, it has been widely used in vegetable oils or foods in my country as a fat-soluble antioxidant and nutritional fortifier. Compared with L ascorbyl palmitate, the antioxidant properties have been significantly improved; because the content of palmitic acid makes it hydrophilic, and the lipophilic palmitic acid base makes it a high-quality surfactant31. In addition, KageyamaK et al. found that it can significantly inhibit the DNA production of Ehrlichascites tumor cells, dissolve the cytoplasmic unsaturated fatty acids of tumor cells, and is a good anti-cancer substance. It can be predicted that L-ascorbyl palmitate will eventually be widely used as a key intelligent preservative that is very active in the food, skin care and medical care industries.

In recent years, the application of L-AP has expanded from the grain, oil and food industry to other industries.

How to use it as a thickener in therapeutic ointments and capsules in traditional Chinese medicine preparations, add it to thermal printing paper to improve the reliability of the paper type, and add it to skin care products to improve its efficacy. In addition, it has the specificity of inhibiting bacteria such as Bacillus subtilis sex.

Ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate powder's production process 

At present, the production process of L-type ascorbyl palmitate is mainly the acid chloride method, the hydrochloride method and the lipase method. Among them, the acid chloride method has strong corrosion: the hydrochloride method has a long reaction time and is accompanied by a large amount of waste acid conversion, and the environmental pollution is more serious: the lipase method is immature.

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