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What is carboxymethyl dextran?

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Introduction to carboxymethyl glucan

Carboxymethyl Dextran is a carboxymethylated derivative of yeast glucan, which generally exists in the form of its sodium salt. It is deeply processed on the basis of high-purity yeast glucan through modern biotechnology. It has good water solubility, solves the problem that yeast glucan is insoluble in water, and expands the application field of yeast glucan.carboxymethyl glucan for sale - JIAHE

Application of carboxymethyl dextran gadolinium

Yeast glucan is a natural polysaccharide, which widely exists in cereals, bacteria and fungi. Glucan extracted from cereals is obtained by β- 1,4 (1,3) - glycosidic bond, while glucan from yeast is β- 1,3 (1,6) - glucan. Yeast glucan has been proved to be an effective regulator of the immune system. It can activate the ability of immune cells such as macrophages and neutrophils and stimulate the host's nonspecific defense mechanism.

Yeast glucan is also a natural skin immune promoter. It can promote skin cell activity, strengthen cell proliferation and metabolism, delay skin aging and repair skin efficiently. The efficacy of yeast glucan in cosmetics includes:

1. Promote wound healing: it was found that applying yeast glucan to animal leg wounds can significantly accelerate wound healing.

2. Post sun repair: yeast glucan was found to be able to quickly repair skin erythema caused by UV irradiation.

3. Anti aging: Langerhans cells with immune activity in the skin can be activated by yeast glucan to induce the immune and repair functions of the system.

Yeast glucan is insoluble in water, which greatly limits its application in the field of cosmetics. Through certain chemical modification, its water solubility can be greatly improved, among which carboxymethylation modification is widely used. The degree of carboxymethyl substitution generally does not exceed 0.75, which greatly improves the water solubility, is compatible with most cosmetic ingredients and has stable properties. Carboxymethyl glucan is safe and reliable. It has been listed in the international list of cosmetic raw materials (inci) and is widely used in various high-grade cosmetics.

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