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What is L carnosine?

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Efficacy of L carnosine

L-carnosine can effectively resist the production of free radicals, reduce the activity of melanocytes, prevent the formation of melanin, and avoid new spots. L-carnosine is a double peptide composed of two amino acids-alanine and histidine. It is the smallest peptide currently present in the human muscle tissue, so it is easily absorbed by the muscle.

L-carnosine is a component commonly used in health care products for anti-fatigue. L-carnosine has been used in Europe and the United States for many years. Experiments have found that L-carnosine can provide adequate nutrients and energy to skin that is functionally degraded before and after menopause. Continuing the vitality of cells. L-carnosine not only has the effect of delaying aging, but also has the powerful effect of reversing the aging form of cells. L-carnosine is an antioxidant that can capture oxygen free radicals. The inhibitory effect of L-carnosine on glycosylation and the protective effect of L-carnosine protein on normal proteins may be one of the main reasons why L-carnosine delays l carnosine - JIAHE

Before and after menopause, aging skin due to the sudden decrease in female hormone secretion needs to be integrated with functional ingredients inside and outside, so that maintenance can be comprehensive. A acid or fruit acid can be used to remove superficial wrinkles, supplemented with antioxidant and collagen supplement ingredients, and sunscreen to maintain the skin For the quality of collagen, it is important to promote collagen regeneration. L-carnosine has been proved by scientific and medical researches to prolong the regeneration cycle of fibroblasts, continuously produce collagen and elastic fibers, maintain the density and elasticity of the skin, and at the same time have anti-aging and anti-glycation effects, protect collagen tissues, and improve maturity. Defensive power of aging skin.

Compared with other anti-aging ingredients, L-carnosine can take care of the health of the epidermis, basement membrane and dermis at the same time. It can provide direct and effective maintenance countermeasures for the skin aging phenomenon that is about to enter or has entered menopause due to the loss of hormones. L-carnosine is like a personal protection for the skin, helping epidermis and dermal cells to resist free radical damage, prolonging cell life cycle, and will not copy damaged and aging cells due to damage, so that the skin can repair smoothly and regenerate a healthy glow. L-carnosine can promote the basement membrane to produce kelpamine, strengthen the connection between the epidermis and the dermis, increase the firmness of the skin, and at the same time make the dermal layer proliferate collagen, consolidate the dermal tissue, and make the skin full and vigorous.

L-carnosine is especially important in protecting the brain from neurodegeneration and loss of cognitive function and memory. L-carnosine has also been shown to restore connective tissue cells, which may explain its beneficial effect on wound healing and its role in trying to eliminate skin aging, causing wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The level of L-carnosine in the body decreases with age. When a person is 70 years old, the level of L-carnosine in the body drops by 63%. Due to all these effects and other factors, L-carnosine is becoming a well-known longevity and anti-aging nutrient.

M-L-carnosine also has the function of increasing serum insulin and reducing hyperglycemia, achieving the effect of stabilizing blood sugar levels.

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