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What is polyglutamic acid R PGA?

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Introduction to polyglutamic acid R PGA

Glutamic acid(γ- PGA), also known as natto gum and polyglutamic acid, is a water-soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic biopolymer prepared by microbial fermentation. Polyglutamic acid is a viscous substance, which was first found in "natto" - fermented bean.

Natto is a traditional fermented soybean food often eaten by Japanese. After fermentation, natto contains more vitamins (B2, B6, B12, e, K2) and more digestible proteins than soybean itself. In addition, natto also contains a variety of digestive enzymes and special polysaccharides, thrombolytic enzymes and enzymes that are helpful to health γ– Polyglutamic acid(γ– PGA) has excellent effect on promoting health. In recent years, natto is quite popular to eat to improve health.

Application of polyglutamic acid

Polyglutamic acid is the main component of natto viscous colloid, which can promote mineral absorption. Japan has listed polyglutamic acid in the list of health ingredients to promote mineral absorption. The special molecular structure of polyglutamic acid makes it have strong moisturizing ability. Adding polyglutamic acid to cosmetics or skin care products can effectively increase the moisturizing ability of skin and promote skin health. Compared with the recognized hyaluronic acid with the most moisturizing ability, the moisturizing effect of polyglutamic acid is 2-3 times higher than its effect. It is a new generation of biotechnology moisturizing ingredient.polyglutamic acid powder price - JIAHE

The wide application of polyglutamic acid in the field of cosmetics is not only better than the quality and performance, but also a more direct and important reason is that the use of polyglutamic acid is safer than hyaluronic acid, that is, the cost performance of polyglutamic acid is obviously better. The basis is as follows: it is well known that hyaluronic acid is mainly extracted from chicken crowns; Collagen is extracted from bovine, sheep and pig tissues. Therefore, these two products are made of animal raw materials and belong to animal collagen. Due to its complex manufacturing process and expensive raw materials, the cost is high and the price is expensive. Polyglutamic acid is made from natto bacteria with recognized safety level and fermented with glutamic acid and glucose as raw materials. Therefore, it belongs to plant collagen. Its safety to human body has been confirmed by the health supervision departments of many countries such as the United States, Japan and Canada. Polyglutamic acid is indeed a very safe raw material for cosmetics.

Effect of polyglutamic acid on skin

1. Efficient moisturizing

Polyglutamic acid can not only form a water net membrane on the surface skin to reduce the loss of water molecules, but also go deep into the inner layer to improve the content of natural moisturizing factors, so as to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency water conservation, and make the skin's water content reach a full state under flexible conditioning.

2. Whitening

Inhibit tyrosinase activity and reduce melanin synthesis; Activate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen and elastin, making skin more elastic, moist and transparent.

3. Sustained release effect

Inhibit microbial growth, play an antibacterial role, slow biodegradation, and it is not easy to breed microorganisms on the skin surface. It can be used to build an embedded sustained-release system, promote skin absorption, form a film on the skin surface, isolate environmental stimuli and reduce skin inflammation.

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