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What is tadalafil tablets?

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Introduction of vardenafil tadalafil

The clinical name of tadalafil tablets is a PDE5 inhibitor, which can be used to treat male erectile dysfunction, which is what we usually call impotence. However, many patients did not know about the drug, but after going to the hospital for examination, the doctor prescribed some tadalafil tablets for them to use before having sex. So, what are the effects and effects of tadanafil tablets? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction.

Efficacy of sildenafil tadalafil

Tadalafil tablets are mainly used for erectile dysfunction. It is a selective and reversible inhibitor of specific phosphodiesterase. It can stimulate the local release of NO and increase the CGMP level in the cavernous body of the penis, leading to relaxation of smooth muscles, allowing blood to flow into the penile tissues and producing an erection. When there is no sexual stimulation, tadalafil has no effect.

Tadalafil is a developmental long-acting PDE5 inhibitor used to treat male erectile dysfunction (ED). In the process of treatment research, problems with bad behaviors such as stress and negative influence on emotions or frequent masturbation in adolescent society, as well as erectile dysfunction caused by the disharmonious sexual life of Chinese couples. Dalafil is still effective in improving sexual dysfunction in patients, and the effect is more reliable. Especially for some patients with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, the treatment effect is better.

The average onset time of tadalafil is 16-30 minutes, the plasma concentration reaches the peak 2-8 hours after taking it, the half-life is 44-112 hours, and the half-life is prolonged in the case of renal insufficiency. Even after 5 days, it can still be measured in plasma. The clinical report showed that the effective rate reached 83% after taking cialis, and the reported dosage was 10-20 mg. Its advantages are small side effects, long duration, and obvious effects in about two or three days.sildenafil tadalafil for sale-JIAHE

Precautions of sildenafil with tadalafil

The adverse reactions of tadalafil tablets include: some people who use them will have adverse reactions, generally dry mouth (sexual hunger and thirst), back muscle pain, muscle weakness, headache, slight flushing on the face, increased heart rate, and overdose will cause frequent recurrence. Headache, high spirits, not lethargy.

Usage and dosage of tadalafil: The recommended dosage of tadalafil tablets is 10mg, which is taken before sex and will not be affected by eating. If the effect of taking 10mg is not significant, you can take 20mg, which can be at least 30 before sex. Take it every minute, and the frequency of taking the medicine is once a day. It's better not to take tadalafil continuously every day. Use it on an empty stomach, do not drink alcohol, strong tea, or spicy food before use (the effect is significant when the user has sexual stimulation).

Tadanafil tablets are contraindicated for use: People with high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, anemia, and renal insufficiency are contraindicated. Long-term use may cause dependence on drugs, avoid compatibility with alkaline drugs.

Tadalafil tablets are forbidden, and it is impossible for most patients to get worse. The chances of getting a normal erection after stopping the medication are very high. Patients need to take PDE5 inhibitors to significantly improve their erectile function. After the patient successfully resumes sexual life in China, it will affect the gradual development, enhance students’ self-confidence, and get rid of psychological problems. Troubled, and eventually healed and stopped the drug.

 If erectile dysfunction is combined with other diseases, such as prostate disease, diabetes, androgen deficiency, and the drug is stopped by itself, symptoms of erectile dysfunction may also occur. Patients with erectile dysfunction, such as those suffering from other diseases, should receive individualized treatment under the guidance of a physician, combined with tadalafil tablets to treat erectile dysfunction, and treat underlying diseases at the same time.

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